Dawn M. Thompson

I arrived in the Shenandoah Valley from Colorado by way of Martha’s Vineyard in the late 1990’s. The Shenandoah Valley seemed to me to be the perfect middle ground between the two. It didn’t take long to fall in love with the whimsical, out-of-the-way country roads that can easily have you wondering where the horse and buggy are, or have you dreaming, longingly, for the simple life. This is a magical place that I have grown to love fondly in the time I have been here, and I understand the unique characteristics of the area as well as the benefits of living and working here.

Because of the two major relocations I myself have made, I have come to specialize in the relocation market; however, I work diligently for my clients whether buying or selling. From the beginning of a transaction until the final close, I am a staunch advocate for you. By using state of the art technology, I can provide you with the best information and market data so you can be well-equipped to hold the strongest possible negotiating position. I understand that buying or selling may be one of the biggest decisions in your life, and I will always be honest with you and work hard to get you a fair price. I want to be there for you from your first transaction to your last! I want to be your Realtor® for life.

The Valley is now my home. We have raised three incredible children in the area and now have three Australian Cattledogs, plus their mom. At home, you will find me reading, cooking, gardening, or walking…of course, that is with one, if not all, of my canine babies on my heels or in my arms.