Julie Katykhin

Hello folks! My name is Julie Katykhin—mother to two little girls, business owner, and most importantly REALTOR®. While I couldn’t be happier that my path led me to Kline May, I’ve had a fairly robust work history. I was a paralegal for almost a decade, and eventually went on to start my own business in the trucking industry. My previous experience has taught me resourcefulness, excellent research skills, and the ability to understand complex legal documents—challenges we deal with constantly in the real estate industry. It wasn’t until I began helping a friend of mine with property management that my interest in real estate really sparked.

Not only do I have knowledge from other careers that help me as a REALTOR®, but my ambition and passion set me apart in this industry. Going on the buying or selling journey with me will be different, because I truly value my clients’ desires above my own. I care more about upholding integrity and transparency than the possibility of a sale, and I genuinely want to help people make decisions that will best benefit them.

My goal is to help individuals and families navigate the everchanging market, and to give them the confidence they need to make well-informed decisions throughout their real estate transaction. I want to be a reliable beacon of hope for my clients, and for them to know that I have their best interests at heart, even if it is not necessarily profitable for me. I’m eager to make a positive difference in your life—please feel free to contact me anytime!