Home Buying Checklist

Here is a list of things to do and consider once you have a ratified contract, be sure to ask your REALTOR® if you have additional questions, including who you need to call about your utilities.


  • Pay your earnest money deposit
  • Stay in close contact with your lender to ensure they have all needed documents and all deadlines have been met.
  • Pick your settlement agent. Ask your REALTOR® for a list.
  • Attend your home inspection to learn more about your home. Decide whether you want a radon inspection, as well. Expect to spend approximately $300-$400.
  • Work with your REALTOR® to negotiate your home inspection…
  • Request time off for closing from your employer.
  • Get homeowner’s insurance
  • Arrange moving company, moving truck, and/or friends and family to help
  • Schedule utilities to be turned on (electricity, water, gas, cable, etc.)
  • Go to closing and sign paperwork. Get keys and garage door openers. CONGRATULATIONS!!


  • Did you give final notice to your landlord?
  • Do you want to have a cleaning company come in and deep clean the home before you move in?
  • Where will your kids go to school? How close is the bus stop?
  • Do you need high speed Internet for work? Is high speed Internet available?
  • Introduce yourself to the neighbors
  • Make a list of maintenance items you need to take care of upon moving in (e.g. change locks).